General Criminal Law

Our lawyers assist you and defend your interests throughout the entire criminal procedure, from the first hearing onward until the outcome of the criminal trial. Assistance is also provided at the stage of the execution of custodial sentences.

Corporate Criminal Law

Companies’ corporate life can be punctuated by many twists and turns, so that both companies and their managers run a risk of being exposed to corporate criminal liability.

Social Criminal Law

Non-compliance with certain social obligations may constitute a criminal offence entailing the employer’s liability as well as other consequences.

Criminal Cassation

An exceptional review procedure remains open upon conviction of an individual by a criminal court, and following exhaustion of all means of redress, through an appeal in cassation to the Court of Cassation

Traffic Law

There is no safe haven from prosecution or conviction for a driving offence.

Commercial Law

AKALEX’s lawyers are qualified / skilled in all operations relating to the management of a company.

Belgian Competition Law

We help our clients navigate through the competition rules applicable to undertakings, which remain particularly unclear and difficult to grasp for company managers.

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